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2016 Conference

The Travel Technology Europe Conference is an interactive and high quality conference programme streamed in five key topics: Accelerate, Promote, Innovate, Disrupt, Experience.

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  • Wednesday 24 February

  • Thursday 25 February

10:00: 10:55
How to test your site to perfection
11:30: 12:30
What is digital personalisation in travel and why should I care?
13:00: 13:55
CTO head-to-head: two travel tech thought leaders share their insights
14:30: 15:30
Making better use of your agency data to maximise your supplier and customer engagement
16:00: 16:55
Agile enough? Sprints or leisurely walks? Software development best practice
10:00: 10:55
Not just a smaller screen: is mobile a new cost or a new market?
11:30: 12:30
Disruption, Data and Digital Transformation: The Key Digital Trends in the Travel Sector
13:00: 13:55
The age of multiple channels: can customers receive consistent messages through different channels?
14:30: 15:30
Travel: The missed opportunity between Look and Book
16:00: 16:55
Transform or be disrupted - Are tour operators going to survive?
10:00: 10:55
CTO question time: Four CTOs/CIOs from across the travel sector debate the hottest issues in travel technology
11:30: 12:30
The journey to the future: How does the travel industry actually get there?
13:00: 13:55
The high street travel agent of the future
14:30: 15:30
UK travel technology spend analysis - exclusive research launch
16:00: 16:55
Travel futures: what the travel company of 2025 looks like
10:00: 10:55
Keynote: wave goodbye to the past: will Apple Pay and other mobile payments change the way we do business?
11:30: 12:30
Reduce costs through collaboration and innovation in the cloud
13:00: 13:55
Experts session: who are next year’s disruptors?
14:30: 15:30
Travel startups: working alongside but challenging the industry - a debate
16:00: 16:55
The perfect algorithm: how travel companies are using machine learning
10:00: 10:55
Hotel booking round table
11:30: 12:30
How to improve the hotel-guest relationship through digital technology
13:00: 13:55
How technology is transforming meetings and events at one of Europe's biggest hotel groups
14:30: 15:30
Gaining True Revenue Optimisation by making the guest the focal point.
16:00: 16:55
TRevPAR: how to maximise your revenue per square metre

Promote - Creating new income flows

Technology has the power to turbocharge your business, taking it into new markets and enabling your company to create new products and services. Whether you are a tour operator looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors or a supplier looking for new revenue streams, Promote sessions are for you.

Accelerate - Making your business more efficient

New disruptive competitors and increasing competition mean that travel companies must make sure they are operating at maximum efficiency and are adapting to the competitive landscape. TTE's Accelerate sessions are designed to help you get more from your technology to help drive cost savings and improve processes.

Innovate - Thought leadership in travel technology

The Innovate sessions at TTE are designed to make you think more strategically and allow you to ready your organisation for the future. The sessions feature leading speakers in travel and technology sharing their insights and expertise in the areas that will affect your business in the years to come.

Disrupt – Shining a light on cutting edge technologies for the travel industry

What are the new technologies that have potential to disrupt the way that business is done in the travel sector? These sessions look at wearables, artificial intelligence, innovative payment solutions, virtual reality and more.

Experience – Technology and innovation in hospitality

Our Experience sessions share the latest thinking and technological developments relevant to hospitality businesses such as hotels, B&Bs and cruise lines. Find out what’s new, how your hospitality business can gain a competitive edge and hear from industry leaders on the way forward.

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