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Running lean web services is challenging. That’s why GTA chose Triometric to improve the efficiency of their website and web services. The result has been an “800% improvement in client response times” – so far. also chose Triometric to ensure service delivery and improve end-user response times.

For travel organisations, revenue is becoming more and more dependent upon online transactions. For those organisations that participate as intermediaries or suppliers in global supply chains, the effective delivery of information on their products and services through online web services can define both their short success and long term growth.

The ultimate consumer at the head of this online supply chain demands choice and relevancy in a timely manner.

To compete effectively in the supply chain, suppliers and intermediaries must ensure they respond to requests within a very short time window.  Any delay can result in either missing the opportunity altogether or simply being presented too far down the list to be considered by the consumer.

Triometric’s Web Services Analyzer is an enterprise class solution for monitoring high value information streams that delivers performance, reliability, business and service level intelligence. Designed to meet the requirements of even the largest information aggregators and distributors, it provides vital insight on supply chain performance, partner activity and transactions - with zero impact on the services themselves.

In addition to powerful real-time network performance monitoring, Web Services Analyzer provides real-time analysis of XML content to deliver business level data and reports. This presents information that is relevant to both IT and business stakeholders, providing a common view and shared understanding of web service performance and usage.

Companies need solutions, not more data. Triometric provides real-time actionable advice and surfaces valuable information from overall site performance to detailed breakdowns such as: searches, bookings, look-to-book ratio and errors by factors such as client, product, geographic location and time.

Understanding who is using your services, what they are looking for and what they are prepared to pay is pivotal in shaping the way any business responds to its customers.