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Working together to win: Zolv and Sunvil

9/23/2013 12:00:00 AM
Zolv and Sunvil working together “Zolv offer the ultimate in flexibility – nothing is too much trouble.”
- Alexis Jospehides, Product Development Manager, Sunvil

Sunvil is an independent tour operator that's been steadily growing for over 40 years, initially specialising in Cyprus and Greece. The portfolio now includes holidays in the Azores, Venice, Romania, Sweden and Sicily. Sunvil also offers bespoke, off-the-beaten-track holidays in its Latin America Traveller programme, which has been running since 1995.

With its great reputation for exceeding customers' expectations and growing customer base, Sunvil needed to present an engaging, credible and reliable web site – one that wins sales opportunities, improves sales values and helps direct business development.


Sunvil saw three key challenges in their online business:

- incomplete offering: most of the company's products could not be booked online
- unknown customers: Sunvil couldn't identify customers' interests and target them with tailored marketing
- tired branding: the look and feel of the site no longer represented Sunvil's diverse portfolio

The company had created a wealth of multimedia content that it wanted to keep, together with the good search engine rankings the site had garnered. Any new solution would need to protect these assets while offering do-it-yourself content management.

It looked as if Sunvil was asking for the impossible: an out-of-the-box solution with tailored quality.  Enter Zolv.


Alexis Josephides, Sunvil’s Product Development Manager, met Zolv at an exhibition. “They were familiar with Comtec’s Travelink and their WTP platform looked like a good fit for most of our requirements, but not all of them,” he says. “When we met and expressed our concerns, their can-do attitude and enthusiasm to make it work for us immediately reassured us that we could work with them.”

Zolv developed a new search and book engine, built on top of Travelink. This involved working with a series of inhouse customisations, including routines for creating special offers, and presenting them on the new site. The result is that all of Sunvil's products are fully bookable on the site – and always will be.

Zolv met Sunvil's need for better customer insight by configuring the site to update Saleforce with relevant customer events. This means that touchpoints like brochure orders, queries and feedback are captured along with orders. The Sunvil team now have a full picture of each customer's interaction with the company as well as the aggregate data they need to feed in to business development.

On the branding side, Zolv streamlined the site redesign by working directly with Sunvil's creative agency. Alexis explains: “We knew Zolv had a great design team but we had already asked our marketing company to help us rebrand. Zolv were more than happy to work with our agency so we stepped back and let Zolv liaise directly, not wanting to be the messenger between them. It worked incredibly well, saving us time and money whilst maximising creativity.”

Working together

Sunvil and Zolv have different skills, but they share a common vision: to find the best combination of standard and special features for their customers' needs. Sunvil does it with travel, Zolv with software. A passion for understanding people is close to the heart of both teams. Alexis says: “The relationship with Zolv was crucial. Unexpected requirements and change are inevitable at every level but Zolv just kept adding functionality and adapted to changes we’d not envisaged. The development of our site, like our company, is never finished so it’s crucial that we have an ongoing, healthy and productive relationship with Zolv – and we do!”

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