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Traverse Associates

1/17/2014 12:00:00 AM
Traverse Associates are data experts within the Travel industry, automating most of the largest data migrations within travel for the largest tour operators. We automate bulk data loading and extraction processes, significantly reducing both costs and manual effort for our customers. We integrate diverse systems that do not currently work together such as reservation, costing, CRM and finance systems. We provide high-quality competitive pricing information to our customers. In summary, we enable all of your systems and processes to work seamlessly together.

Our main objective this year at TTE is to promote our flagship Travelsure product.   Travelsure is used by major travel companies and travel technology companies alike and delivers massive costs savings to business through automation.   It is currently used for a wide range of activities including automatic loading of contracts, stop sales, release dates, rates, inventory, screen scraping, regression testing and just about anything else that you can imagine that occurs on a travel system. 

We use Travelsure on all of our consulting engagements and its many and diverse uses continue to grow year-on-year.   As solutions are developed very rapidly within Travelsure it is often used in tactical manner on systems, such as reservation systems, to implement a solution long before a similar feature can be included on the heavy backlog of a supplier development roadmap.  

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