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TRX Announces New CORREX® Notification Feature

2/12/2013 12:00:00 AM
TRX, Inc. (www.trx.com), a global leader in travel data and technology, announced today at the Travel Technology Europe and Business Travel Show a new traveler notification feature, CORREX Notification, for its mid-office automation solution.

CORREX can now notify the traveler directly via e-mail when booking information is missing, allowing the traveler to correct their own information and eliminating the need for an agent to contact the traveler and make changes.

Agencies often spend a lot of time contacting travelers directly to correct or input missing information, including loyalty program numbers, credit card information and TSA information. The time spent contacting customers results in additional personnel costs for agencies and service charges for companies and end customers. CORREX Notification improves traveler satisfaction because it allows the traveler to update their information quickly and on their own time, instead of spending time contacting and waiting for agency personnel. Travel agencies also benefit from CORREX Notification through reduced personnel costs from contacting travelers inefficiently by phone.

The solution can also be used to contact travel arrangers for pre-trip authorization or to notify users of unused e-tickets available for the reservation. For pre-trip approval use, CORREX Notification can be sent directly to the travel manager or multiple contacts within a company. In addition, the feature is branded for the business directly so the traveler is familiar with the e-mail communication.

CORREX is the world’s leading reservation processing platform enabling efficient, automated quality control, file finishing, and ticketing of travel reservations. CORREX processes more than 100 million traveler reservations from over 52 countries around the globe each year, and leverages in excess of 70,000 rules and queries designed to improve efficiency and reservation quality.

“Agencies can spend on average $20 to get in touch with travelers to correct information,” said TRX President and CEO David Cathcart. “This new CORREX feature is a great addition for agencies looking to enhance their travelers’ experience, further streamline the reservation process, and offer cost savings to customers.” 

TRX will be showcasing all of its products at stand T42 throughout the show.

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