Plan for success and maximise your valuable time

VIP programme sponsor:

Using a cutting edge diary system that maximises, and customises, the experience of every VIP attending. VIPs are requested to pre-schedule four 20-minute appointments per day with suppliers that meet their specific needs.

Planning ahead and pre-scheduling supplier appointments, your conference sessions and networking events ensures that VIPs and the suppliers they choose to meet are best prepared to get the most from each appointment, eliminates the waiting for suppliers to finish other conversations, and allows maximum knowledge sharing and networking opportunities between appointments.

Attendees of the VIP programme report that the experience and value obtained was significantly enhanced by using the online diary for pre-scheduling appointments, conference and networking events.

If you have any questions about the Travel Technology Europe VIP Programme, please contact The VIP Team:  [email protected]

The VIP programme for 2015 is not open yet. Please watch this space.